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Check out the heat treatment in action on ” The Dr’s” TV show

Our #1 Requested Treatment

Our heat device us an FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice and 99.2 % of lice eggs in a single, one-hour treatment. This device is not available to all professionals, We’ve had it for years and mastered the use to provide a safe,fast and highly effective lice treatment.

  • Fast & Safe In As Little As 60 Minutes
  • Child Friendly Using Only Heat
  • Only One Treatment Is Required
  • 100% Guaranteed For 3 Weeks

4 Easy Steps

  • Inspect
  • Perform a Full Comb Out
  • Apply Carefully Controlled Heat
  • Final Oil Application

$185 Per Person

Conventional Treatment

We still offer the old school way of treating head lice like most all other companies. Some clients feel that a single comb out with an oil treatment is all that is necessary to take care of the problem or maybe the client wants to perform the second treatment themselves. Either way, A second treatment is highly advisable and if you allow us to perform the second treatment 5 days later, we can offer the guarantee.

  • Treatment is 45-60 minutes
  • Non-Toxic
  • A Second Treatment Is Necessary
  • No Guarantees On One Treatment

4 Easy Steps

  • Inspect For Severity
  • Perform a Full Comb Out
  • Apply Oil
  • Supply Post Treatment Instructions

$125 Per Person

School Screening

We have many schools that have us over regularly to start the year with head checks and get a handle on any cases that need to be identified. More and more schools are asking for this services. It’s a smart way to keep problems under control early.

How This Works

  • Typically Scheduled at beginning of year
  • Follow up every major holiday break
  • We can see as many as 600 students in 1 day
  • We can perform the check typically in 1 morning

Under 120 students–$125 total cost
Over 125 Students–$1 a student

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