Mobile Head Lice Removal

    We are celebrating our 15th year helping people like you! 

    Our Costa Mesa Location has closed the building site and is now mobile with optional homesite.



    One Treatment-100% Guaranteed!

    ** Kills 99.2% of lice and eggs through carefully controlled heated air **

    ** Treatments done in as little as one hour **

    ** FDA cleared **

    ** 100% guaranteed for 3 weeks **


    Approved and Tested by       




    We carry Fairytales preventative products for hair, the Terminator comb and the same silicone that we use to kill lice  and eggs. All products we carry are clinically tested to perform as expected.

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    Tired of Lice and Nits?




    PayPal Credit is a great way to pay for treatments when funds are low and you have a big job ahead of you! It’s a great deal.


     Heat Treatment $149  (PayPal Credit add $10)

                               Guaranteed for 21 days!


     Our FDA cleared heat device provides heated air to desiccate 99.2 % of lice and eggs with no adverse effects. This a complete full service that only needs one more simple quick comb-out performed by you.

    1   20-30 minute heat application.

    2   30 minute high quality comb out.                                      

    3  Apply our highly effective silicone oil.                                   

    4  Instructions for your home.

        PayPal Credit Only  


       Conventional Treatment $95  (PayPal Credit add $5)

    We continue to offer high quality manual comb-outs for those that may feel that only a comb-out is needed. A second treatment is highly recommended performed by you or us.

    1   Inspect for severity.

    2  Perform a high quality Comb-out. 

    3  Apply our highly effective silicone oil.

    4  Instructions for your home.

        PayPal Credit Only