Our Heat Treatment Is The #1 Requested Treatment!

* Only 1 Treatment Required!
* No Additional Treatments * 1 Hour Session
* Non-Toxic * Kills 99% Of Eggs
* A Full Comb-Out Is Included
* Child-Friendly

100% Guaranteed!


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Why Should You Use A Professional Service

Are you in trouble?

You treated and think it’s gone, but it just keeps coming back.
And you dont know where it’s coming from. Most of the time,
you never eradicated it completely and your just tired of dealing
with this time and time again.

What about practicality?

♦ More than one person in the family has lice and they have long, thick and difficult hair
♦ If you treat the problem yourself, you need to know that a 2nd treatment is routine and
a 3rd or even a 4th may be necessary depending on severity.

♦ A professional service knows how to handle dreads, hair extensions, difficult children,
scalp problems or recent head surgeries etc

♦ I just can’t get that *bleeping* comb through the hair



We will check for severity and offer suggestions.


Choose from a variety of treatments with options.


Follow up instructions for your home and car.


Questions about your visit? We are just a phone call away.


We communicate honestly. No hidden fees, no surprises, no upsells!
Only honest work and trustworthy staff.

Our East Bay Customers Love Us!

We are the first company in the western United States to begin a head lice company in 2001. We continue our first rate customer service commitment by staying ahead with advancements like our FDA cleared medical heat treatment device. If you want to share your experience with us or just say hello! email us at [email protected]

Ray & Susan Ruiz, Owners

Operating Hours

9 am – 6 pm (last appt) M-F

9 am – 3pm (last appt) Sat

Closed Sunday

Busy days may extend hours, call for daily updates