Mobile Treatment Services


Monday – Saturday  9am-9pm 

closed Sunday

COVID – Keeping you safe
Lice Control adheres to all protection requirements. Masks and hand sanitizing before and after treatments or head checks.

Low Cost

We offer the heat treatment for $170 a person. It's the lowest cost you will find anywhere!


We are the only mobile service offering a heat treatment in the whole bay area!


We are the pioneers of head lice services in the bay area with over 20 years of experience.


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Heat Treatment

$170 Per Person

Our heat device (a.k.a. AirAlle) is an FDA-cleared medical device that kills 99.2 % of eggs and lice. This is a full service that includes a comb-out and a final application of silicone oil.

     *  Fast & safe in as little as 60 minutes
     * Child friendly-as young as 3yrs old
     * Only one treatment is required
     * 100% guaranteed for 3 weeks
     * Treatment is 99% effective

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Treatment Evaluation

     $25 Per Person

We go beyond just combing for lice or eggs. We ask questions that will help us evaluate your situation to ensure your whole family is free of lice. If we find that you or anyone else in your family needs treatment, we can start treating immediately!

$25 fee will be waived if treatment(s) are provided on the same day.

Additional Service Information

Service Info

* Travel charge is $25 (call for travel beyond boundaries.)

* Minimum charge per visit is $100 (charge is superseded by services above $100).

* Additional charges may apply if extra combing is necessary due to very thick or very curly/wavy hair.
The technician will inform you of additional charges before treatment.

* It is highly recommended to detangle hair before we arrive.

Travel Boundaries

This is a generalization of our travel boundaries that qualify for the $25 charge. Anything beyond and we will charge an additional $1 per mile. All charges are for round trip. If you want to know where your location is exactly on the map, click below.