Reasons why you may want a home visit


*  Home treatments haven’t been working and I’m respecting the shelter-in restrictions

I or someone in my family are included in the high risk Covid-19 group.

*  I have a few small children and I cant allow them to roam in a salon

*  I’m not sure how clean a salon would be when it comes to Covid-19

Our First Love

Lice Control  began almost 20 years ago traveling

to homes to provide mobile head lice removal services in

the Bay  Area before opening a salon in Oakland. We have

received many requests in the past to restart that option. 

Now is a good time to honor those requests in this time

of need.


“Flexibility is key to providing service

to people in time of need”

Raymond Ruiz / Owner


(Technicians will wear a N95 mask and adhere to
COVID-19 guidelines)

Heat Treatment

This is a fully guaranteed, 1 hour single application treatment which includes a full comb-out and a non-toxic application of silicone.

Heat Treatment Express

We provide a heat treatment and apply the silicone. You will provide the comb-out.

Conventional Treatment

We continue to offer the “old school” treatment option entailing a full comb-out and concludes with a silicone application

Treatment Evaluation

Not sure about anything? No worries! Our head checks are beyond just checking. After our inspection, we will ask questions and offer knowledgeable information to help you decide on which direction is best for you.

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Salon or Mobile Appointments

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Mobile Services

$25 Travel fee for most distances. Please call for more information