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Treatment Services


Monday – Saturday  9am-7pm 

closed Sunday




6557 Shattuck Ave, Oakland CA 94609

What Makes Us Special

Our heat treatment is the #1 requested treatment

We also provide conventional comb outs and head checks.


Need to protect your-self during times of exposure or maybe after treatments? Preventative products is the way to go.

(Head Check)

We go beyond just combing for lice or eggs. We ask questions that will help us evaluate the situation as a whole. If we find that you need treatment, we can treat you on the spot!

Fee will be waived if treatment is provided the same day. (treatment must be $100 or more)

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Our heat device is a FDA-cleared medical device that kills 99.2 % of eggs and lice. This is a full service that requires one treatment.

  • Fast & safe in 60 minutes or less (including comb out)

  • Child friendly using only heat

  • Only one treatment is required

  • 100% guaranteed for 3 weeks

  • Treatment is 99% effective


This is a standard comb-out in combination with a highly effective silicone product to produce an effective treatment. This a great option to save money or a backup if the heat treatment is not the way to go. 

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School Screenings


We have many schools use our services at the start of a new school year and after every major holiday break. Or maybe to get a handle on any cases that need to be identified during the year. It’s a smart way to keep problems under control early.


Call us early to get your head check scheduled before your new calendar year starts.

$125 per hour – less than 150 students
$100 and hour – more than 150 students

Typical amount of children screened in 1 hour is 50-60.

No travel fee

Reasons you can be safe with
Lice Control

  • We also wash our hands vigorously ever time we finish a treatment.

  • We steam the floors and clean all the time, because it is after all a head lice removal salon.

  • We service one family at a time.

  • We use n-95 masks

  • We use hand sanitizer every time before we touch a persons head

  • Our salon is consistently cleaned every day